Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Summer 22 sandbox preview cutoff date is May 6th, 2022. Refresh your sandbox between now and May 6th to redirect to the preview instance as per the sandbox preview instructions article. Post May 6th, new/incomplete sandbox refresh requests would be routed to non-preview instance i.e. current release.  

Summer22 release notes –

Summer22 Pre Release org sign up:-


Summer 22 New Features 


1. Manually share an individual campaign record with another Salesforce user. 

 Now you can manually share an individual campaign record with another Salesforce user. This Classic feature is now available in Lightning Experience.

2. Enable Person Accounts without reaching out to Salesforce Support.

You can now enable Person Accounts without reaching out to Salesforce Support.

3. Secure Apex Code with User Mode Database Operations (Beta)

Declare if Apex runs database operations in user mode or system mode. The new Database methods support an AccessLevel parameter that lets you run database operations in user mode instead of in the default system mode.

4. Salesforce org or Experience Cloud site with the Microsoft credentials.

We can access Salesforce org or Experience Cloud site with the Microsoft credentials

5. New modules LightningAlert, LightningConfirm, and LightningPrompt 

We can use the new modules LightningAlert, LightningConfirm, and LightningPrompt instead of native APIs to create notifications, Chrome and Safari plan to end support for cross-origin use of the window.alert(), window.confirm(), and window.prompt() native APIs

HTML file:-

JS File:-   

XML file:-  

6. OmniStudio Alert Card Is Now Available in the Salesforce Platform

The OmniStudio AlertCard and related components and integration procedures are now a part of the Salesforce platform. You no longer have to install a data pack from a Git Hub repository.

In Lightning App Builder, on the record page that you’re editing, drag the FlexCard standard component from the Components panel to the Lightning page canvas and position where you want it to appear

7. Discovery Framework

The new Discovery Framework data model and the power of OmniStudio enable your users to manage every aspect of questionnaire-driven data collection. Your users can create digital forms to collect and validate their customers’ information in a compliant manner.

8. Screen Flow Header and Collapsible Sections

Sections with headers are collapsible and always open by default to make screen flow completion more efficient

9. Test Flow (Beta)

This feature is beta and used to test the flow logic for any new changes made to existing flow.

10. Dynamic Related List Single

    New component in Lightning App Builder (LAB) called ‘Dynamic Related List – Single’ which can be configured entirely within LAB including the ability to choose, reorder, and sort columns, add actions, and filter

11. Bulk Delete Inactive Picklist Values (Beta)

you can delete inactive picklist values at a time

Watch full video about the above points

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