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Lightning Flow

learn salesforce lightning flow
  1. one of the most powerful tools provided by Salesforce to implement business automation declaratively
  2. allows you to automate business processes by building applications known as Flows

What is FLOW in salesforce?

  1. low is an application inside the Salesforce that automates a business process by collecting data and performing operations in your org or an external systemC
  2. an be used to collect, create, update and delete record on multiple object in Salesforce
  3. can also execute logic, interact with Salesforce database, call Apex classes, and guide users through screens for collecting and updating data.
  4. Once you design and develop Flows to fulfill the business requirement(s), grant access to Flows to your users

Which Automation tool to use?

What actions supported by different automation tools?

Terminology usedLightning Flow: the product that encompasses building, managing, and running flows and processes. (Formerly known as Visual Workflow)
Flow Builder:a point-and-click tool for building flows(Formerly known as Cloud Flow Designer). is a tool to create flows, configure screens, and define business logic for your flows without writing a single line of code
Flow:an application that can interact with the Salesforce database, execute logic, call Apex classes, and collect data from userscan build flows by using the new Lightning Flow Designer
When to use Lightning Flow or Process Builder?

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